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This course is for TCSO Certified Personnel ONLY


To:                  ALL Certified TCSO Personnel

From:             Bonnie Fidler-Training Unit

Date:               June 21, 2018

Subject:          Carotid Restraint Control Hold Training-July and August


Overview: The Carotid Restraint Control Hold or “CRCH” is deployed upon a subject whose resistance would be classified as “combative, assaultive or high risk.” The purpose is to gain control of a subject who is aggressive, threatening, or violent. The Carotid Restraint Control Hold offers an alternate, yet effective force option to impact weapons, chemical weapons or electrical control devices. The CRCH may be reasonably deployed and integrated with other force options based on the totality of the circumstances. 


This FREE CLEET accredited training is good for 8 total hours.


To register for this training, please follow the below steps:

  • Complete a Training Request (Short Form) and submit to your chain of command for approval.
  • Upon notification of approval, complete registration/enrollment in Enrollware at


****Training Information****

0800 – 1600 hours

DLM-Matted Training Room

300 North Denver




Learn what it means to have: Courageous Character, Courageous Competency, Courageous Policy, Courageous Training and Courageous Community.


Taught by Major Travis Yates of the Tulsa Police Department.


This FREE CLEET accredited training is good for 8 total hours (Including 2 hours Mental Health)


****Training Information****

September 12, 2018

0900 to 1700 hours

TCSO-Faulkner Building-Wood Room

Subject:          Cultural Diversity Training 2018 Dates


Continuing from 2017 and running thru the September 2018, the Training Unit will be conducting MANDATORY Cultural Diversity Training at the TCSO Faulkner Building-Wood Room. The below schedule is for the 2018 year, there will be no more dates.

January 23, 2018                               June 14, 2018

February 28, 2018                             July 18, 2018

March 15, 2018                                  August 29, 2018

April 5, 2018                                       September 25, 2018

May 1, 2018


If you have personnel that attended this training in 2017, they do not need to attend this training again.


This FREE CLEET accredited training is good for 8 hours.   

This MANDATORY training is for ALL TCSO Personnel, including Dispatchers, Detention Officers,  Full Time & Reserve Deputies, Part Time Employees, Records/Warrants, Commissary, Maintenance and Volunteers.

****Training Information****

TCSO Faulkner Building-Wood Room

303 West 1st Street

0800 – 1700 Hours Each Day

This course is for TCSO Certified Personnel ONLY.

There has to be a minimum of at least 5 per day or that day will be cancelled. 


Starting February 8th and running thru October 17th, the Training Unit will be conducting Spring Qualifications at the TCSO Gun Range.
The following equipment will be required:
Class A or B uniform 
• Office issued Glock handgun, Rifle, & Shotgun (ALL assigned TCSO weapons)
• Duty rig
• ***Eye and ear protection***


The following equipment will be required:
• Class B uniform ONLY
• Office issued Glock handgun, Rifle, & Shotgun (ALL assigned TCSO weapons)
• Duty rig 
• ***Eye and ear protection***

***It is the responsibility of the Deputy to ensure their chain of command has approved their training.***

Problem Solving and Decision Making


Where: DLM Classroom

When: June 1, 2018 08:00 hrs.

 This is a 4 hour (cleet accredited) course and will be open to Detention Officers and Deputies.

 Course Overview

Understand the fundamentals of problem solving, develop critical thinking skills, and learn how to utilize problems solving techniques and critical thinking.


Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will understand the following concepts:


Define the basic problem-solving approaches to effectively identify, manage, and solve problems.

Identify problem-solving techniques by identifying the necessary skills of a problem solver and knowing about different forms of communication.

Learn the difference between a dynamic event vs a static event.

Work through the problem-solving process of identifying the problem, generating and implementing a solution, and confirming the elimination of the problem.

Use different critical thinking and information analysis skills such as reasoning, logic, quantitative analysis, and qualitative analysis.

Create and manage problem-solving teams by knowing how to conduct effective meetings and motivate team members.

September 17, 2018

0830 to 1630 hours
Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office
303 West 1st Street
Tulsa, OK.


Seconds for Survival:

Survive the Ambush


Ambushes against law enforcement have increased dramatically in recent years and with that comes important and dynamic techniques to avoid and survive deadly ambush attacks.

SAFETAC Training is honored to provide this exclusive course to law enforcement.

Seconds 4 Survival is a dynamic, media intensive course designed to reduce the reactionary gap that can lead to deadly consequences in law enforcement interactions with suspects.  Real life scenarios combined with tactical considerations are discussed throughout the training that will give the student the knowledge to survive attacks. Here are just some of the important topics taught in “Seconds 4 Survival: Win the Ambush:”


  • Characteristics of Cop Killers
  • Pre-Attack Indicators
  • Body Language Clues For Danger
  • Successful Performance Under Stress
  • How To Prevent The Ambush
  • The Dangers of ‘Action VS Reaction’
  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Clues To The Attack
  • Command Presence For Survival
  • What Does Suspect Deception Mean
  • Weapon Indicators
  • Fight or Flight: The Key To Survival
  • Case Law That Enables You To Survive


This FREE CLEET accredited course is good for 8 hours training

Date:   July 11, 2018 

Subject: FREE CLEET Accredited Training

       Surviving the Aftermath of a Critical Incident


Description: This course will describe some of the challenges in dealing with the aftermath of a critical incident such as an Officer involved shooting. Participants will be exposed to many of the legal, financial, physical, and emotional challenges which may result from a critical incident in an effort to prepare LEO’s for the aftermath.


Instructor: Deputy Betty Shelby of the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office.


Date:       August 28, 2018

Time:      0830 - 1230 hours

Location: Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office-Faulkner Building

                303 West 1st Street

                Tulsa, OK 74103


CLEET Hours: 4 Credit Hours with 2 Mental Health Hours


* Cost: Free