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Law Enforcement & First Responders Mental Stress Management Course

This interactive course was designed for our frontline professionals to enhance their understanding of the complex and interdependent dynamics that influence law enforcement officers and first responders and the effects of the stressors that are involved in these vocations. Equipping each person to grow in intra- and inter-personal stress managing skills will directly benefit the communities in which they serve and create more understanding that positively shifts the outcomes of negative inherent stressors.
This course provides insight into the many situations that are extremely stressful for officers and first responders. Stressful situations include but are not limited to long hours; handling people’s attitudes; waiting for the next call and not knowing what the situation will be; and even politics within the department. Then, on top of it all, officers are frequently criticized, scrutinized, and investigated for decisions they make. Helping an officer or first responder improve on a personal level is a necessary step in career resiliency.
This course empowers one to understand and operate within stressful vocations and community situations while upholding the values of dignity, honor, and peace.

Course Objectives
• Acquire a clear understanding of key psychological drivers and motivators
• Recognize inherent vocational stressors and learning strategies to decrease stress
• Interpret the motivators and drivers internally and externally
• Increase awareness of self and others
• Understand how to establish and maintain trust within diverse communities
• Bridge cultural gaps in communication within communities served
• Identify ways of increasing communication and working together with others more successfully which in turn reduces stress

The United States Attorney’s Office Northern District of Oklahoma, FBI, U. S. Department of the Interior, and Cherokee Marshal Service is hosting/teaching a class on “Working Together to Combat MMIP”. 

The class is accredited for 4 hours of CLEET at no cost.   

Indigenous persons experience disproportionately high rates of violence, and, relatedly, are reported missing or are murdered at high rates. Law enforcement and prosecutors are invited to a collaborative training on investigating a cold case, CART team, Not Invisible Act Commission findings, and preventing missing and murdered through prosecution.


   ****Training Information****

     May 28, 2024

     0830 – 1215 hours

Tulsa Tech-Lemley Campus, Room 8

3638 South Memorial Drive