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This course is for TCSO Certified Personnel ONLY


To:                  ALL Certified TCSO Personnel

From:             Bonnie Fidler-Training Unit

Subject:          Carotid Restraint Control Hold Training-July and August


Overview: The Carotid Restraint Control Hold or “CRCH” is deployed upon a subject whose resistance would be classified as “combative, assaultive or high risk.” The purpose is to gain control of a subject who is aggressive, threatening, or violent. The Carotid Restraint Control Hold offers an alternate, yet effective force option to impact weapons, chemical weapons or electrical control devices. The CRCH may be reasonably deployed and integrated with other force options based on the totality of the circumstances. 


This FREE CLEET accredited training is good for 8 total hours.


To register for this training, please follow the below steps:

  • Complete a Training Request (Short Form) and submit to your chain of command for approval.
  • Upon notification of approval, complete registration/enrollment in Enrollware at


****Training Information****

0800 – 1600 hours

DLM-Matted Training Room

300 North Denver