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This course is for TCSO Certified Personnel ONLY.


Beginning June 1, 2020, the Training Unit will be conducting MANDATORY Reality Based Training (RBT) at the TCSO Range for ALL FULL TIME & RESERVE DEPUTIES.

While this training is MANDATORY for CERTIFIED PERSONNEL, you must notify your immediate supervisor by TRAINING REQUEST FORM (SHORT-Out of town request form) and turn in the signed (Signed by your chain of command) and approved form to Bonnie Fidler in the Training Department at the Faulkner Building.


The following equipment will be required:

  • Class “A”, “B” or “C” uniform (bearing in mind that you may be returning to work after the qualification) Class “C” uniform consists of khaki tactical pants and BLACK TCSO polo shirt as stated in Policy 100 – Administrative, 104.2 Uniforms, Equipment, and Allowances.
  • Duty rig
  • Eye and ear protection


LEAVE ALL WEAPONS IN YOUR VEHICLE when you arrive at the range; including all extra ammunition, OC Spray, Taser’s, pocket knives, etc...